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Our aim is to promote the appreciation, practice and enjoyment of Butoh in Brighton and the SE coast, by organising regular classes, workshops, special events, performance, etc., and by creating a sense of community around our passion for all things Butoh.

We are : 


Miriam King is an Artist/Choreographer/Dancer/Live Artist/Filmmaker born in London, living in Brighton, working internationally.  With an art school background, her professional performance career commenced in 1984. Moving from theatre through to dance, and to live art and film, her most significant training was with Anton Adasinsky & his performance company DEREVO at their former studio in Leningrad, Russia in 1990. Miriam's work is influenced by Butoh dance. She's has been creating her own unique performances since 1992, taking her to dance and live art festivals and artist-in-residences around the World. Her award winning dance film work has been shown at Lincoln Centre/ New York , Pompidou Centre/Paris, ICA/London, the Venice Biennial and at the Sydney Opera House, Australia and in every continent (excluding Antarctica )... [read more]


Yumino Seki is a U.K based independent dance artist, Butoh practitioner and certified somatic movement educator.  She was born in Japan and has trained in both classical and contemporary dance. Since 1999 she has trained and worked in Butoh predominantly with Tadashi Endo (Mamu Dance Theatre), Yumiko Yoshioka (TEN PEN CHii) both in Germany and Carlotta Ikeda (Ariadone) in France. Seki has been interested in authenticity of the temporal body for many years resulting in many pieces, which are site responsive and improvised in nature ... [read more]


Award winning movement and theater artist and Artistic director of the Karavan Ensemble, yael is working professionally for over 15 years. Her work is often described as visual poetry.  Drawing on elements of Butoh, dance, mime, clown, physical and visual theatre she explores the themes of memory, metamorphosis, the invisible and the notion of repetitive cycles, often in a highly visual or site specific context, intertwining dreamlike atmospheres with a humorous edge, constantly balancing on the fine line between the tragic and the comic, the intimate and the collective.  Karavan is sharing over 15 years of Butoh experience having studied and worked with Butoh masters such as Kazuo Ohno, Tadashi Endo, Carlotta Ikeda, Yumiko Yoshioka, Akiko Motofuji, Ko Morobushi, Katsura Kan and more since 1997 ... [read more]


Her practice encompasses butoh, artist's books, photography, poetry, moving image and installation. Inspired by organic forms and processes, the work explores issues of embodiment, containment, up-closeness and the spiritual qualities of matter.  Her project "The Living Books" was granted an AHRC award and led her to gain an MA with distinction at University of the Arts London.  She has a background in media studies and contemporary dance and has studied Butoh mainly with Atsushi Takenouchi for almost ten years, and other practitioners including Tadashi Endo, Katsura Kan, Juju Alishina, Yuko Kaseki, Fran Barbe and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie  ... [read more] 

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