butoh night 2 DANCE EXPERIENCE

An evening of live performance and experimental film 
questioning definitions of dance and ideas on, in and around the body

Wednesday 19th March 2014
7.30 pm  £5
BLANK Gallery.  108 North St. Portslade BN41 1DG


- SENSITIVE MATTER | MATERIA SENSIBLE.  Carolina Diaz/Bela Emerson.  
"How do we define life? We define life as sensitive matter, as matter that senses and responds..."  Lynn Margulis 
A butoh dance performance by Carolina Diaz.  Featuring Bela Emerson improvising on cello.  

- TIDE. Vv/Al Strachan.  Vv and Alistair Strachan perform an improvised piece.  Vv: dance.  Al Strachan: trumpet and electronics.


- BODY ELECTRIC #2.  Mim King/Davide Pepe.  Italy 2005

Originally made for installation in Mim's live work 'Specimim', Body Electric #2 is a close up exploration of the body as landscape. 
It was made a couple of years before I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, yet I now realise is a study of all the difficult places where there is pain or discomfort or subluxion....at the time it was about all my difficult places that hurt....(yet I didn't know why).....
- LIFE ...STILL. Carolina Diaz. UK 2013

page grows
words are fertile
page and body
nature and nurture
book and organism
sacred is the trace of life
a relic on the page
the dirt and moist
like gold in an illuminated manuscript ...  

This film was part of The Living Books project, where book objects were made and intervened with living plants, seeds and organic material, as a means for understading 'life' through the process of art making.  

- TIMELAPSE PREGNANCY.  Tamsin Williams/Nick Sayers.  UK 2007
Pregnancy is extremely swift comparably to a person's life.   As soon as I knew I was pregnant I wanted it documented. I couldn't let it pass unseen. It is a time where so much change is happening to the body it is hard to keep up. Here with my partner we took a photo a day, and had no idea our room changed so frequently. The short video is a whirligig of nesting, where life is forming and growing with our surroundings reflecting this too. Look out for my partner and brother who also flash by in the sequence.

- GLASS FLESH KISS.  Simon Mclennan.  UK 
Super 8 mm animation with charcoal and paper, piano, guitar and found sound.
"semiotic is closely related to the infantile pre-Oedipal referred to in the works of Freud, Otto Rank, Melanie Klein, British Object Relation psychoanalysis, and the Lacanian (pre-mirror stage). It is an emotional field, tied to the instincts, which dwells in the fissures and prosody of language rather than in the denotative meanings of words. In this sense, the semiotic opposes the symbolic, which correlates words with meaning in a stricter, mathematical sense. (Augustine Perumalil on Kristeva)

- FORMOSA SERIES 1C.  Robert Ross. UK 2013
In the centre of the contemporary metropolis, the furnace is banished into the middle of the night, its produce driven over the next day. This real-time observation of a passing tarmac gang shows how the furnace implies a rhythm on its operation and operators; from the choreographed team movement to the precise co-ordination between vehicles.

** programme curated by Carolina Diaz, in conjunction with Simon Mclennan (The Zone)

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